FORCE Hackathon and Advances of Machine Learning on Subsurface Data

Welcome to this exciting new FORCE seminar. The final programme will be announced in further detail 20th June – so watch this space!

  • Date 18.09.2018
  • Time 08:00
  • Duration 3 days
  • Participants 30
  • Register by 12.09.2018
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FORCE Hackathon and Advances of Machine Learning on Subsurface Data”

Hackathon 18-19 September. Symposium 20 September.

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have prompted the Geoscience and Reservoir Engineering community to investigate if technological breakthroughs could add value to workflows and challenges in exploiting for oil and gas and improving production. This Symposium will serve as an arena to discuss and learn from recent successes and pitfalls of applying Machine Learning to subsurface data such as well logs, seismic, production data, outcrop and core.

The Symposium is divided in two parts; a 2-day Hackathon followed by a 1-day seminar with invited speakers and a presentation of the result of the Hackathon. It is possible to sign up for the full 3 days, the hackathon only or the symposium only - please specify in the field for comments. 

On the Hackathon groups of 4-5 programmers and subsurface staff will:
● Identify/define problems and relevant sources of open subsurface data (most of this will be done prior to the event)
● Hack – start coding and explore solutions to the problems
● Network and Learn: Programmers will learn Earth Science & Engineering and Subsurface staff will learn what a programmer can do / Hack
● Generate small demos and show to the full group
● Compete for 1st prize
● Have fun and build connections that last

11 short talks of 20 minutes will be given followed by 5 minute questions /discussion. In addition the best projects from the preceding hackathon will be presented during the symposium and during the lunch break. If you would like to give a talk, please contact a member of the Organizing Committee with a short abstract by 15th June.

Organizing Committee:
Peter Bormann +4747887460,
Mark Hughes,

Alessandro Amato del Monte,
Pernille Hammernes,
Ellen Marie Skartveit (secretariat),
Grete Block Vagle, +4793482332,
Sølvi Amundrud, +4790109321, 


If you are interested in sponsoring this seminar, details can be found here

FORCE seminars have previously been fully booked with waiting lists so you are encouraged to sign up as soon as you know you will attend.

Data Scientists / programmers  are invited to attend the Hackathon for free. If you fall in this category, please sign up to the Hackathon by sending an e-mail to Ellen Marie Skartveit

Participant fees
FORCE member
NOK 1500,-
NOK 3000,-
NOK 500,-
NOK 0,-

Please indicate in the text if you are taking part on
Hackathon and Symposium
Symposium only
Hackathon only

If you are a speaker in the seminar, please contact the FORCE secretariat to register:

Important information:
You can register as a FORCE member and pay "FORCE member" price if you are an employee of a member company.
All FORCE members are listed here.

Payment is made online by credit card. Please note that no refunds will be given after you have signed up. If you for any reason can not attend the seminar, you are welcome to send a representative, just inform as soon as there are changes.

If you want to see the results and setup from previous hackathons please look here

Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil