Improved oil and gas recovery (IOGR)

Improved oil and gas recovery is one main focus area for research and technology development within FORCE. The goal is to stimulate experience exchange and competent building to increcase the oil and gas recovery from existing fields.

The work is organized through: Technical Committee, network groups and project groups. 


TC-Improved Oil and Gas recovery - mandate, members and minutes 

In light of the urgency of getting on with EOR pilots on the Norwegian continental shelf, an initiative was taken by the FORCE members in 2009, to develop a cooperation agreement in the form of a Pilot Consortium Agreement. The idea was to create a consortum for piloting, develop and utilize technology across the licenses amongst the FORCE members that could be approved by the companies and formed the framework for the rights and obligations between the partners.
The agreement can be downloaded here.


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Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil