FORCE is a co-operating forum for improved oil and gas recovery (IOGR) and improved exploration (IE) between oil and gas companies and authorities in Norway.

The basic idea of the forum is to improve collaboration by sharing knowledge through network groups, and  by enabling the establishment of cross licensees /company  piloting projects within exploration and enhanced oil recovery through project groups.

FORCE was established in 1995, with the goal to stimulate industrial cooperation. Recognizing the big increase in the number of members of FORCE during the last 15 years, the organization has been re-structured.

Today FORCE has the following structure:

General Assembly (all members) 
Management Committee (8 members elected)
Technical Committee IE (8 members elected)
Technical Committee IOGR (8 members elected) 

After the re-organization, the network group concept was maintained, but the number and types were altered. In addition to the network groups, cross-professional project groups were decided, with spesific scopes to impact exploration success and increase reserves in the producing fields. The basic idea behind the project groups is to create cross-lincensees' intercompany collaboration within exploration, EOR piloting and implementation.

Photo: Øyvind Hagen - Statoil